Learn. Apply.

Education needs to be applied, otherwise, it is of little value.

My Approach to Teaching

Practical Language

Teaching students practical language that they can apply in the classroom and after graduation is the first step to helping them succeed as English speakers. Too often I find students are taught language that is rarely used, which hurts the students’ confidence and reduces the joy of learning.

Natural Conversation

Helping students have natural conversations with the teacher as well as the other students helps prepare them for outside of the classroom. Focusing on conversation assists students in the “real world” where listening and speaking play a more significant role than reading and writing.

Growth Zone

Awareness and adapting to the student’s language proficiency are essential to reduce frustration and increase learning. It is important to build lessons that stretch the students’ language abilities while continuing to build off the language that has already been taught.

What Brought Me Here

AUG 2009 – MAY 2012

Discovering Asia

College Years

I studied for three years at Hennepin Technical College so that I could start my own business as a web developer. During my first semester, I took a class in intercultural communication. The intercultural focus was on the Hmong and Karen cultures from Thailand refugee camps as many now reside in the state of Minnesota. During this time I learned about Thai culture and people as well. Before this class, I knew almost nothing except that Thailand was a country. Sometime later, I sponsored a Hmong child in Thailand to support her education and life needs. I knew that someday I would visit Thailand. I continued my studies and graduated in the spring of 2012.

Working Independently

Building My Business

A few months before I graduated I started my business, Creative Cliff, LLC. By having my own business I was free to work from home or while traveling. Through a slow but steady process, I was able to get customers, where I provided website designs, hosting space, and domain names. I have enjoyed working as a web developer as it requires continual learning in a continually changing environment. Each customer has different needs which require unique solutions, this keeps my job interesting as I can otherwise get bored.


OCT 2016 – SEPT 2017

Learning Culture & Language

Volunteer Learner

I was excited when I was given the opportunity to volunteer in Thailand. During my stay, I was able to learn the Thai language, experience the Thai culture, and give back to the communities. I volunteered at English camps and cultural events. I helped students build confidence and proficiency as English speakers. I wanted to pursue teaching and so I researched how I could prepare myself. I found a great TESOL program that would start early the following year.

Tutoring English

Enjoying English

I traveled to a few countries in Southeast Asia where I was able to help at English clubs as well as tutor students one-on-one. I truly enjoyed meeting the students and learning about their lives while helping them practice English. As the students talked with me, their confidence grew and they had a renewed desire to study English so they could converse more. As students saw purpose and benefits to what they were learning, they found it more fun and gave more effort.

SEPT 2017 – FEB 2018 (Off & On)

APR – JUNE 2018

Teaching Preparation

TESOL Certification

At the beginning of April, I started a three-month TESOL course to get the Australian Cert IV. After over 300 hours of lectures, homework assignments, and practice teachings I was prepared to continue the dream that I have. It is my dream to instill confidence and freedom in students so that they see the world in a new light as they speak English while working and traveling.

Get in Contact

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